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About us

What is VA-REA?

Virginia's energy landscape is unique, diverse and ever-shifting in the wake of federal regulations and lower cost alternative energy resources. VA-REA seeks to leverage the diverse interest and market knowledge of our members, to find solutions that:


  1. Identify and close the gaps to renewable energy development through collaboration on targeted initiatives;
  2.  Research and support best industry practices;
  3.  Generate policy analysis;
  4.  Serve as an authority and resource through public education; and
  5.  Foster coordination and partnerships through networking opportunities.




1) Advancing Renewable Energy

As Virginia's energy landscape continues to change, renewable energy will play a larger role in meeting the demands of Virginian's. VA-REA's members convene to analyze how best to implement renewable energy, so that Virginia remains "open for business". Currently, VA-REA focuses on increasing public understanding and collaboration around legislative and business issues critical to Virginia's renewable energy economy. VA-REA stakeholders will sit down to discuss how best to implement distributed solar and utility scale solar and wind energy - using best management practices and creative business models - in the best interest of the public.

2) Research & Support

Advancing Virginia's renewable energy initiatives requires access to the most recent news, data analysis and supporting information. VA-REA utilizes its network to pull together the industry's best research and inform our members of the most current data and best practices.

3) Policy

VA-REA focuses on achieving the goals of supportive policy through implementation - effectively applying business models, collaborative approaches, and innovative solutions to current policy initiatives, achieving the goals and intent of targeted legislation.

4) Resource & Education

VA-REA represents Virginia's industry leaders, hosting a wealth of domestic and international experience in the electric and renewable industry. Members will benefit from other member's experiences, while also interacting with advocacy groups and trade organizations to increase awareness of renewable energy business models, Virginia based projects, and the state of renewable energy in the Commonwealth.

5) Networking

Members not only benefit from stakeholder forums, policy updates and access to most current practices in the industry, but also access to the brightest minds in the industry. Networking is a significant purpose of the organization, fostering business partnerships, collaborative projects and creating conversation outside the halls of the general assembly.


The Virginia Renewable Energy Alliance is advancing renewable energy at all levels in Virginia through finding common ground and serving as an authoritative resource.


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