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VA-REA seeks to leverage the diverse interest and market knowledge of our members, to find solutions that:

  • Identify and close the gaps to renewable energy development through collaboration on targeted initiatives;

  • Research and support best industry practices;

  • Generate policy analysis;

  • Serve as an authority and resource through public education; and

  • Foster coordination and partnerships through networking opportunities


Advancing renewable energy at all levels in Virginia through finding common ground and serving as an authoritative resource

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SCC Seeks Comments On Utility Opportunities Under IIJA

Monday, November 7, 2022

Contact: Ford Carson


Telephone: 804-371-9141

 RICHMOND – The State Corporation Commission (SCC) directed investor-owned electric utilities and electric cooperatives to address federal grant opportunities in Virginia’s utility infrastructure under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) for the benefit of customers. The Commission also invited other interested parties to file comments. The IIJA creates a program of federal financial assistance to promote electric utility investments in advanced generation, transmission, and distribution technologies.

The IIJA provides grants for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, hydrogen fueling infrastructure, and other fueling infrastructures, as well as grid hardening activities to reduce the occurrence of – or consequences of – events that disrupt operations of the electric grid due to extreme weather, wildfire, or natural disasters.

The IIJA also establishes loans under a transmission facilitation program; additional funding for the Smart Grid Investment Matching Grant Program; incentive payments to qualifying hydroelectric facilities; financial assistance for a demonstration project for pumped storage hydropower for intermittent renewable energy; additional funding for various demonstration and pilot projects; and programs to develop carbon capture technology to improve environmental performance of coal and natural gas use. 

The public must submit written comments by February 2, 2023. Written comments may be submitted through the SCC’s website at Simply go to the SCC website, select "Cases" and then "Submit Public Comments," and scroll down to case number PUR-2022-00180. Then click SUBMIT COMMENTS.

The 2022 Virginia Clean Energy Summit in Photos

Alert from VA-REA regarding a considerable change in Virginia DEQ requirements for solar developers regarding stormwater retention. 

The attached Virginia DEQ memo, issued yesterday, is effective immediately and states that the DEQ will treat solar panels as an impervious surface when calculating onsite stormwater retention requirements. This is a considerable change and will likely require more site control to accommodate these new requirements and all the additional costs that will come with it.

                VA-REA’s understanding is that there already has been substantial pushback from some solar developers.  This DEQ requirement was likely brought on by a “few” VA solar projects that had stormwater problems in the past.   VA-REA is aware that some solar developers are having their stormwater engineers and consultants evaluate this and are trying to coordinate a meeting with DEQ to be get more clarity.

The official Virginia DEQ memo is below.

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The alliance remains unique in Virginia for its capacity to convene all stakeholders in order to advance renewable energy development and develop common goals. 

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The Virginia Renewable Energy Alliance is advancing renewable energy at all levels in Virginia through finding common ground and serving as an authoritative resource.


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